Game Report
Date: 05 May 2012
Home: Torun Angels - 28
Away: Olsztyn Lakers - 6

Torun Angels 28, Olsztyn Lakers 6 (in Torun)
The Angels Torun got the season's first win in the North Division, taking out the Olsztyn Lakers 28-6 at home on Saturday. The game started horribly for the Lakers, who gave up 20 points in a first quarter that also saw them lose their starting quarterback, Radoslaw Zajkowski, to a serious hand injury.

Four different players scored in a balanced attack for Torun. Olsztyn was able to steady the ship in the second quarter, scoring the only points of the frame early on to make the halftime deficit 20-6. Both teams bogged down in the wilting heat thereafter, and the Angels ended up with a comfortable victory.

6:0 Pawel Podlas touchdown, run 30-yards
7:0 Szymon Jankowiak extra point
13:0 Tomasz Kuska touchdown, run 15-yards
14:0 Szymon Jankowiak extra point
20:0 Mateusz Binarch, pass 10-yards Lukasz Kusmirek
20:6 Kamil Czajka, run 30-yards
26:6 Szymon Jankowiak, run 2-yards
28:6 Michal Binek, 2 point conversion, pass Szymon Jankowiak 5-yards

Audience about 800

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