Game Report
Date: 30 Mar 2014
Home: Ancona Dolphins - 40
Away: Ferrara Aquile - 2

Dolphins Ancona: quick redemption, Aquile Ferrara beaten 40-2

Redemption was supposed to be and redemption has been. After loosing the 1st match against Seamen Milano, the "band of brothers" led by O.C. Francesco Sclafani and by D.C. Giorgio Gerbaldi (by the way newly appointed assistant coach Italian national "Blue Team") accomplished the mission. The Dolphins Ancona have clipped the wings to the Aquile (Eagles) Ferrara , winning with a dry 40 to 2, which says a lot on the progress of the match, bearing in mind that the first half ended 33 to 2, with a second half which saw many young people gaining experience in the field.
The Dolphins marched for 439 yards of total offense, earning both with runs (176 yards thanks to the American QB Keith Welch and the young RB Davide Rossini) and with passes (275 yards , with an excellent 69% completion rate).
4 different players scored: Welch for 3 times with personal rushes, plus 3 touchdowns on throws addressed to Michele Marchini, to Filippo Limitone (great ride of 73 yards) and to the young Tommaso Mosca, 18 years old. Positive performance overall, with 7 different receivers that moved the ball on the field. Excellent work for the offensive line that did not allow any sack to the opponent defense and good protection of the ball by the whole team, who finished with zero turnover. 17 years old kicker Nicolò Gambella scored a great 4 out of 4 extra points, while 2 extra points did not go (one for a bad snap and the other for a missed pass in endzone).
Said of the offense, other words to be spent for the defense that held the Aquile to just 48 yards of total offense (16 rushing yds and 32 passing yds, with 45 % completion rate), being also able to score 2 sacks for a loss of 19 yds, and 11 tackles for loss for 45 yds. Outstanding performance by linebackers Lorenzo Pignataro (2 sacks for him), Mattia Dal Monte and Paolo Meneghetti, all prompt and aggressive with runner opponents, as well as by defensive
backs Mejdi Soltana, Carlo Fanini and Mike Wallace who have contained air raids from quarterback Chris Treister.
"Now head low and high concentration - the warning of the Ancona Dolphins president Leonardo Lombardi - We did what we had to do against a newly promoted team, young and enthusiastic, but still with plenty of room for improvement. Already from the next game against Lazio Marines (Sunday April 6th at 15.00 at the Dorico Stadium in Ancona) we need to be load and aggressive as never before. The championship has just begun, but we can not pay any distraction if we want to repeat the good things we did last year". The only negative point in the day to record is the injury suffered by the valuable defensive lineman Luca Stoppoloni (arm broken).

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