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You may have received a message by email from someone called David Richelle or through an email from a scam artist making a "hard to believe" offer to play in Australia, Poland and Nigeria. THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM! This man has claimed that he is the David Richelle, president of the Belgian Football League. We have spoken directly with David Richelle to verify this as a scam.

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Ask yourself why would someone ask you to pay a processing fee of $350 if they're planning to pay you $5,500/month?

This person is using every possible means to steal your money and your identity!!! He is targeting athletes by making an unbelievable deal such as $5,500 a month. He asks for a few hundred dollars up front (supposedly to do all the necessary paperwork) and a copy of your visa or passport. He has even designed a contract that looks legitimate.

Here is an example of what he sent to a player through Facebook:

Hello, how are you doing? If you are interested in joining our team then send your football bio including your experience, previous club, achievements and reference if any to my email which is and if it is accepted and approved then i will send you more details about the club including the salary package,so send your football bio immediately because we need players urgently. Hope to read from you soon.

If you send him your resume, this is what he will reply back (note that he will always accept your candidature even if the resume is completely fake):

Thanks for showing interest to play for my club,i have seen your short Resume which is accepted and approve because of your playing experience. I'm not at home now i travel down to Nigeria yesterday to put things in place at the Nigeria center of the club..... As i said the club is new and it will be establish in 3 nations (Poland,Nigeria and Australia),and the headquarter of the club will be located in Sydney,Australia.....and already i have just appointed an Aussie Coach to head the Football section of the club center in Australia....i have a house in Sydney,Australia that is why i am keeping the headquarter there.the name of the club is ''VIPERS FOOTBALL CLUB'' and we just purchase a mini-stadium that has all the Rugby and Football equipment and also a very good big boarding house to keep the players,also players can get their house outside if they wish.Our club website is under construction and already we have four(4) companies(partners) in Europe who are ready to support us in all aspect of the project.I have sign some bilateral agreement with them,and the club will be open officially in Australia on the 25th of March,2011...i and my partners are also planning to register the club for 3 international competitions this year in Canada,Scotland and France.....already the competitions are near,so we have to prepare a team that will perform well at the competitions. Because of your playing experience,you will be playing for the Prime Football Club in Australia;and we shall register and participate in the Australian Professional Football league next season,for now we shall be playing in some local and international competitions to keep ourselves in good shape. And for the terms and conditions of the playing offer,i will give you a contract that will start by 25th of March,2011 and run till 25th of March,2012.if you perform very well then the contract can be extended....i will pay you US$5,500 (five thousand and five hundred united states dollars) Per month,and you will be entitle also to get match bonuses and feeding allowances.for now we need just 22 players to start with,and we shall make provision for your flight ticket free of charge with the assistance of our airline be part of the club you will have to meet the following requirement:

1)scan and send the information page of your passport via email(it will be needed during the processing of your visas and work permit,and other local paper works).

2)pay a processing fee of US$350 to do all the necessary paperwork.The fee will also be use to get your international player license from the Australian Authorities.

Have a nice day and hope to read from you soon.


He will then send you a contract which will look legitimate and ask for the 'processing fee' to be sent to Nigeria through Western Union:

It is good to know that you are interested and ready to join the team. First and foremost i have attached the contract copy to this email for your perusal. So if you are interested and ready to join the team then you will have to sign the contract and send it back to me via email along side your passport as well,and as soon as you send the signed contract and passport then i will give you the details to transfer the processing fee of US$350 so that we can start the processing of your visa and work permit immediately with the embassy. And for the processing fee,as you already know i am presently in Nigeria with my Personal Assistant(PA) to put things in place,so as soon as you send the signed contract and passport i will give you my PA details for you to transfer the processing fee via Western Union Money Transfer to my PA details here in Nigeria, as soon as we get the fee we will start the processing of your visa and work permit immediately with the embassy.So if you are still interested and ready to book your spot then send the signed contract copy to me immediately and your passport too and when you send that i will give you my PA details for you to transfer the processing fee but if you are no longer interested then inform me immediately so i can sign another player.

Hope to read from you soon.


He has scammed coaches and players alike. He does not own teams anywhere. He is a total fraud and all he wants is your money and your visa. Despite our efforts - we have blocked him and removed all email addresses from your profiles, he keeps finding ways to contact you. Please notify us when he does.

Coaches please also beware. He is using several different identities to have you contact the players. Please do your homework. He might contact you under a different name. Get in touch with Europlayers to verify the existence of teams and leagues before you do anything. He cannot reach the players himself to commit the fraud so he uses coaches to find players and send them to him.

Remember, you do not need a visa to travel to Europe. And you NEVER have to send money in advance. He is lying to you. He is stealing your money and stealing your identity.

Remember, there is absolutely no truth to anything he says. We have sent out warnings to our members before, but he is relentless and has actually threatened us for blocking him.

Be vigilant!! If an offer seems way too good to be true, trust your instincts. It is not legitimate.

Please warn your friends about him by putting this article on your Facebook wall!
Posted by George Phillips 3 years ago
Sick people out there!
Posted by Les Thompson 9 years ago
I just received this email this morning but he announced himself as Alfredo Gavazzi and everything after that was the same as this email he kept talking about a new team in Australia called the Lernters Tiger Club and I will be playing for them next season.