How do I find a team on Europlayers?

First of all, if you're not registered yet, do it now. Once you are registered, the following tips might help you:

  • Get a passport! This may seem obvious but too many players miss opportunities to play, even for half a season, because their passports are not ready in time. Also, if a North American player has a parent who was born in a European country, they may be able to obtain an EU passport. This makes it much easier to play in Europe. Check with your local embassy or consulate for that country. Also, keep checking our import rules on our Country Info page.
  • Complete your profile accurately. You have one chance only, sometimes, to impress, and coaches and teams look for honesty. Ultimately they will discover if you have enhanced your stats.
  • Upload game film. Put 10 highlights on the film and ensure that you are indicated at the start of every play. You don’t need music. This is not entertainment. It is an evaluation tool. We have two slots. Upload your films on YouTube and enter your YouTube Id on your profile on Europlayers.

    If you don't have a film, Europlayers can help you create one. For more information, please follow this link:
  • Display photos, one of which shows your face. Teams feel more comfortable doing business with you if they can see your face.
  • Have a coach write an honest report about you. Coach reports are used by European teams to assess a player during the hiring process.
  • Be proactive. Remember, looking for a team is like looking for work so don't wait for the teams to contact you. Contact them first. To do so, go to the Team Search page. Be relentless. Stay in touch with teams regularly. Check your messages: if you wait too long to reply, teams will go elsewhere.
  • Get more information about European countries. Double check our Country Info page to determine the seasons and import rules for each country. For example, the season in Spain starts and finishes far earlier than the season in Germany.
  • Stay in touch with other players. Many of them are excellent sources of information. Click on 'Search for Players/Coaches' in the left menu. When you see other players online contact them.
  • Do not hesitate to contact us. We are not an agency but your best source of information for your sport in Europe.
  • Finally, be reasonable about your expectations. The income can vary from country to country and team to team. However, most teams provide airfare, housing, local transportation, reasonable monthly expenses and meals. This can add up to a decent income.